Cleaning up the energy supply

Energetic cleaning of premises

Everything is energy, and energy is everything!

But all of that requires cleaning to maintain the flow of energy.

The purpose of the energetic cleaning of rooms and living space is:

  • The release of living spaces and the work of negative and harmful energy and vibrations.
  • The release of subtle beings connected to the Earth.
  • Cleaning energy structures after stressful situations.
  • Recovery of a positive and luminous living environment.


Distressing living conditions such as strife, separation, serious illness, loss and strong emotions such as anger, dissatisfaction or jealousy reduce the energy level in our residential areas.

Apartments, houses, offices and real estate are full of different energy. All beings leave their traces of energy there, which then affect the lives of the inhabitants.

The habitat removes harmful energies and brings new positive energies and forces into the environment. This leads to a better quality of life and personal harmony.


An energetic interior cleaning is advisable if:

  • We enter the new place of residence to clean the energy of the previous owner or resident
  • In the case of buying an apartment, home, or other real estate: historical events of the past centuries could be preserved in the ground on which the real estate was built – it is also a possible cause of stressful energy residues
  • After death
  • After or even in a long illness
  • In the case of separation, divorce, problems with relationships
  • When you often experience stressful feelings such as anger, aggression in your place of residence
  • In recurring disputes
  • When you suddenly feel uncomfortable in your own apartment
  • In a state of anxiety and depression
  • If you often feel tired and exhausted even though you have enough rest periods
  • After traumatic experiences such as rape or violence


Like us, humans, we can be a haven for foreign energy, so our house can be a haven for the subtle beings associated with Earth and the harmful energies.

With various techniques, harmful energies can be transformed or liquidated.

Man must live: Life energy, prana, qi, which he receives from the environment in which he lives. Through the energetic cleaning of the premises, the living space is replenished with power, light and positive energy.


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