Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing, what is it?

Prana (Sanskrit: प्राण prācomo a m.) means breath, life, vitality, power of love. Prana is the most important life form-a subtle energy.

Pranic treatment is an offer for those seeking help that does not compete with classical medicine and other classic therapies, but complements them.

The healer understands the universal/divine consciousness (God, the subtle world, the universe, etc.) as a source of healing power, not as himself. It’s kind of an intermediary and relay of energy and information. The healer is an impulse through which the client can enter into a holistic, holistic process of pranic healing in which he is actively involved. So the healer has a special task to develop. Only what can vibrate in it can live on Earth. This includes a whole range of healing powers, from the highest level (ethereal, magnetic healing) to the subtlest (universal love, healing from God). It is a universal es/divine consciousness that is alive in the person seeking help, and stimulates the self-healing powers through its soul-like higher self.

Pranic healing activates self-forces, promotes healing in a holistic sense, promotes and supports people in the perception of their own responsibility to live.

The Pranic Healing is based on the holistic perception of the world and man, even on the physical and spiritual level. The Pranic Healing assumes that the world and each unit is a spiritual, complex, natural, energetic system under the influence of the omnipresent divine power and creative consciousness.

Pranic Healing, contactless Techník

  • Location of energy blockades
  • Cleaning up the energy supply
  • Prana energy flows through my hands causing the abolition of energy blockages
  • The energy session of healing under the conditions 
  • Transfer of energy heals prana in the distance
On the activity

Yoga, massage activities and energetic spiritual healing and are in no way one of the recognized healing professions – Here lies a clear demarcation from doctors and naturopaths. Rather, exercise is a spiritual activity designed to stimulate self-healing forces and promote well-being. All services offered do not replace a visit to a doctor or naturopath! No health promises and diagnoses are made and no medication is prescribed.

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