Subtle energy body mapping (scanning) is a service that is part of a bioenergotherapist’s session or a completely separate element that can complement the diagnosis of conventional medicine. Pranic Healing is an element supporting conventional treatment of the human body. It is not a medical treatment process it only supports the work of doctors. This is part of the healing process in the holistic perception of the human body – the whole of the human being, i.e. his physical body and subtle energy body inextricably linked with the physical body, are taken into account here. Traditional medicine does not officially recognize bioenergy therapy as a treatment method, as there are no published studies showing clearly its impact on the human body. This does not mean, however, that unofficially the existence of the energetic human body is negated and the actions of “ordering” the energy body are completely rejected. More and more often, especially in such cases where conventional medicine is powerless, it is suggested to seek unconventional methods as the use of all potential possibilities is morally justified. Pranic Healing is one of these methods. From my experience, the sooner the Pranic Healing complements the conventional treatment, the faster the physical body will recover. It would be ideal not to get seriously ill at all, and this can be helped by a preventive check of the energy body, which can be a source of future physical body disease.
What is my subtle energy body mapping(scanning)? I have the ability to see or rather feel the energy body. Every day I use it in the process of Pranic Healing to effectively and safely “regenerate” and recharge the client’s energy system. If the client is not interested in full Pranic Healing therapy, he can be offered the energy body mapping only. I recommend this service to customers who want to:

  • Preventively find out what the state of their energy body is at the moment;
  • Check if the energy body is the cause of the physical body disease;
  • Extend diagnostic imaging of conventional medicine (x-ray, ultrasound, etc.) with an element that is not yet able to be imaged.

This service can be done remotely or during a meeting. The distance does not matter here when it comes to its effectiveness.

The service price list and contact details are available in the “Contact” tab.

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