I have a number of documented healings, here are some examples:


  • Mrs. Zofia’s testimony of healing: My name is Zofia. A few months ago I suddenly felt unwell. I could hardly speak or move. I realised that something bad was happening to me. I thought it might be a stroke. Since I live alone, I got scared and my first thought was to call the emergency. However, when I cooled down a bit, I recalled Mr. Kowalczyk – the healer whom I have known for several years and who has rescued me more than once, as well as my dog, from various predicaments. Mr. Kowalczyk immediately responded to my call and he was at my disposal from morning till night. We spoke on the phone and he also came to see me, for what I am extremely grateful to him. During our conversations he transferred healing energy to me and I felt that even the very presence of Mr. Kowalczyk had a healing effect. My mental state improved a lot with every moment, especially after the personal meeting. Normal speaking returned. I felt stronger physically and also mentally. I would just like to add that during that difficult time for me, I was at home alone and did not need nor ask for any other help, to the amazement and maybe even horror of my family. Currently about two months after the stroke all the symptoms have gone. Occasionally and gently I still stutter a little when speaking. My mental state is excellent. Mr. Kowalczyk’s extraordinary help, devotion and energy, which I can and even should call “unearthly”, not only worked on ailments of the physical body but also, in the course of the therapy, healed a lot of my difficult life experiences. My healing took place on very deep levels. It’s hard to put it into words. Dear Mr. Kowalczyk, I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I am extremely grateful. Your love, devotion is priceless and worth recommending. With best regards.
  • The client from Australia – When this woman contacted me, her life was at risk due to advanced lung cancer. The therapy was carried out remotely via Skype. After 10 sessions, the tomography confirmed that there was no cancer in the lungs.
  • The 14-month-old baby was born with a malformation of the digestive system and underwent many operations  before our  first contact. The family called me when the child was again in the hospital. The situation was dramatic: shortly after gastrointestinal surgery a bacterial infection entered and  another surgery was needed. A few hours after this procedure, when  the child was in a pharmacological coma, I conducted a distance healing session (the distance of about 2,000 km). The next day after the session, the child was disconnected from the apparatus, got up, had an appetite, and even ran. A week later, the little girl left the hospital in a good mood.
  • The gentleman from Silesia 70 years old – The treatment involved a stone in the gallbladder with a diameter of 4 cm. The client was in pain and had a bladder surgery scheduled. This gentleman had been operated many times related to other ailments when he came to me wanting to avoid another surgery. The next day after the healing session, the ultrasound examination showed that the stone was crushed into small pebbles and the doctor concluded that under these circumstances no surgery was necessary. The customer, when he heard this, said: “Now I believe in bioenergy therapy”.
  • The teacher around 40 years old – while playing with the children at school, she sprained her leg; swollen ankles and knees prevented walking and there was a risk of thrombosis; after a few hours after one session: swelling disappeared, the pain subsided and walking without a crutch became possible, there was no thrombosis. The  symptoms did not return.
  • The woman 30 years old – had been suffering from diabetes for years with an average sugar level 240 – 300 mg / dl. Blood sugar level measured half an hour after the healing session was  80 mg / dl and this average level is still maintained.
  • The gentleman in his eighties – after several operations, artificially nourished, lying in bed for several weeks. After the first healing session, he strongly demanded food and drink. After eating he asked for glasses and a book to read.  The next session took place several days later. After that session, this gentleman, who had been bedridden for 5 weeks, stood up alone  and walked. This was documented by the family in the form of photos and video.  He said, “These are Mr. Kowalczyk’s spells”.
  • The man 72 years old – in brief his medical history: 2012 – stomach and spleen, pancreatic tail removed due to cancer. 2015 – hospital stay, metastases, necessary blood transfusion due to anemia. In 2019 diagnosed changes on other organs (liver, adrenal glands and lungs, prostate cancer), the man has his thyroid removed, hospital stay in October, painkillers used – poorly tolerated, large weight loss. This man’s family contacted me by phone asking for help when the doctors no longer gave him a chance to survive and said to the family, that he could die at any moment. The man was unconscious and the family could not say goodbye to him. I went to the hospital. The man was in the palliative care ward, he was given drip. During the pranic therapy, the man opened his eyes and his cold body warmed up. After the first therapy, the man slept peacefully and long, and then got up at night. The next day his partner got scared when the phone rang from the hospital, but to her surprise the nurse asked, on behalf of the patient, to bring to the hospital, among others: banana, cola and cake with cream. Another therapy took place over the phone and after it the man began to walk. Before the start of the third session, the man complained of cold and out of order hands (he could not eat alone). An hour after this session a video was recorded in which one can see that this man, full of energy, eats himself, holding a plate in one hand and a fork in the other. A week after the first therapy: the man was sitting in bed, working on the computer, eating alone with appetite, the pain was reduced, the wounds healed on the skin and the skin smoothed out. The client’s health improved so significantly that on the eighth day after my first contact with the client, after 30 years of living together, this gentleman married his life partner. The ceremony took place in a hospital.
  • A seven-month-old child suffering of a rare genetic mutation. From the second day of life has had severe epilepsy attacks, including respiratory failure that required intubation. Before the healing session, the girl lay calm and motionless with her eyes closed. During the session she became very lively and laughed a lot. After two hours she fell asleep and slept for a long time. The parents informed a few days after the session that the child made noises, became more mobile, and that the whole body moved more efficiently than before the procedure. According to the information received a few weeks after the session, there are still positive symptoms: better physical fitness of the child and better contact.
  • The man around the age of sixty was at risk of one leg amputation due to diabetes. After two sessions with me his condition improved significantly so that an amputation was no longer necessary.
  • Kajteka six-year-old dog – had been undergoing treatment for many weeks because of suspected Lyme disease, anaplasma, and babesiosis. The pet owner turned to me for help when it seemed that the dog would not survive. Kajtek had inflammation of the colon, pancreas, stomach, high fever, vomited, had not eaten for a week, lay still and was dehydrated despite receiving the drip. The session took place via Whatsapp. Seeing the dog through the camera I scanned his body, which was almost deprived of energy. During the session, when I was transferring energy, the dog got up slightly, turned and then stood up as if he was healthy. He gently descended the stairs from the first floor to the backyard. I asked for photos of the dog every few hours and passed the energy several times when I saw that there was such a need. The next day, Kajtek was already jogging holding his tail high. There was a gradual, noticeable improvement. Two days after the first session, the owner came with Kajtek to the vet to remove the venflon. The doctor could not believe his eyes when he saw that the dog is entering the office on its own. In the case of Kajtek, several sessions were needed to improve his health due to his very poor condition at the beginning of my therapy.
  • A young man (38) after a stay in a psychiatric hospital, with personality disorders; he was afraid of
    people, he did not leave the house, he saw ghosts. After a few phone sessions there was a significant change, he woke up from apathy, started cleaning the apartment and began to leave the house. Three months after starting therapy, he returned to work. As he says: he regained the joy of life.
  • A Girl’s mother from Italy turned to me for help after her daughter’s many stays in hospitals. In her two and a half years of life, the girl spent more time in hospitals than at home. The girl suffering from cystic fibrosis was emaciated, had no appetite, was depressed. She was suffering from a cough. Her condition improved with every session. Within a few months, she regained her appetite and gained weight. She is happy and very rarely coughs.

Other numerous cases in which significant improvement or complete withdrawal of symptoms has been noted:

  • depression for clients of all ages (children, teens, adults)
  • breast cancer – in the past few months three cure cases have been confirmed by medical examination results
  • knee problems – mainly sports injuries
  • bowel problems
  • backache, headache
  • gums atrophy and tooth loss
  • autoimmune diseases
  • autoimmune diseases.

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