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Andrzej Kowalczyk
Bonnhoeffer Str. 1
D-30823 Garbsen (office)  
0048 883 096 966 (office) 
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Mapping Service (scanning) energy body from PLN 250.00 / 100 EUR ( for people living outside of Poland).


Price for the first conversation – session (personal or remote) lasting max about 45 minutes:

  • for clients living in Poland: PLN 250,
  • for clients outside Poland: EUR 100 (or the equivalent in other currencies of the price given in EUR).

Each of us is different. I adapt my therapy to the individual needs of each client.
The course of therapy for a given person is determined during the first conversation.
Usually this first conversation – session includes:

  • scanning (mapping) of the body for blockages and energy disorders that translate into problems in the physical body,
  • explanation of scanning results and my observations,
  • transferring of energy to the client according to the needs,
  • depending on the type of impairment identified, the number of sessions required to ensure the effectiveness of the therapy is determined; the client also receives price information.

My many years of experience show that at least five sessions are required to achieve the good results.

Therapy (mapping, transmission of pranic healing energy) for dogs and cats.
Price for the first session:

  • for owners living in Poland – PLN 200
  • for owners living outside Poland – EUR 80

Price for subsequent sessions – if needed – to be agreed.

Before the first conversation, especially if it is to take place remotely, I ask for sending some photos of the person / the animal and writing a few sentences about the problem.
This information allows me to prepare for a session, which then proceeds more efficiently.

Sparkasse Hannover
DE15 2505 0180 0910 4353 32
Posiadacz Konta / Konto Inhaber/Account owner
Stanisław Andrzej Kowalczyk
Bonnhoeffer Str. 1
D-30823 Garbsen



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