Every day, the human physical body is exposed to various types of infections, e.g. viral or bacterial. We probably ask ourselves often why we got infected. One of reason is our energy level. It means that we are more vulnerable to get infection in the periods in which the energy level of our cells is much lower than the optimal. This state of affairs is influenced, among others, by the environment in which we live, its pollution, above all, energy pollution. Physical pollution can be seen and examined. Unfortunately, we do not see spiritual and energetic pollution, and we do not have the tools to study them as a society and as an individual.
We notice that sometimes the infections we suffer from are mild and short-lived. Other times, they can last longer and can be severe, with complications. The energy level of our immune system can affect this.
For example, if we are elderly, chronically ill, sad, lonely, dissatisfied, stressed, tired, etc., we have low energy levels. This means that our body, and thus our immune system, does not have enough energy to defend against viruses or bacteria of any kind.
Every day we have a certain amount of energy available. If we do not care about our life energy, what usually results from ignorance or false knowledge, then it is easy for us to get sick, we may suffer longer and complications may arise. It is more difficult for us to recover.
The above, very brief description results from my experience, from my ability to perceive the immaterial world. I see energies, the energetic body of a human and I know what his current energy level is. I can see what make us feel bad at the moment, why we are weakened or sick. In addition, I have the gift of sending healing and strengthening energy. This means that not only can I make a diagnosis, but I can also effectively improve the health of my clients.
I also recommend my energizing treatments to healthy people. After the equalization of energy levels, the immune system works better and the likelihood of sudden illness is much lower.
If you are interested in a diagnosis or an energy treatment, please contact me – contact details are available in the “CONTACT” tab.

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